Tuesday 17 March 2020

Art Deco Vs Art Nouveau

Opposite the Victoria Embankment sits the Blackfriars Pub...a stunning example of Art Nouveau which I blogged about on a previous post here http://gnatbottomedtowers.blogspot.com/2019/05/thank-you-mr-betjeman.html Its extraordinary shape is because of the buildings and alleys which once surrounded it. They are no longer standing so it makes it look rather odd stranded all on its own. Back in May I hoped that one day I might have a chance to go inside....that time arrived with Lovely Grey and a couple of rather fine pints of pale ale.

The interior is just as amazing as the outside. However, it wasn't appropriate to take photos when people were in there enjoying a quiet drink. However, the stained glass was right next to our table so I thought that was fair game. I know the friar has a tonsure, but I can't help thinking that it looks rather more like he's wearing a pair of those pixie ears people don!

Across the road we have the polar opposite. The Unilever building which is testament to all things Art Deco. For me it's equally fabulous with all its elegant lines and pared back details. This was built in 1929 and must have seemed as radical a change in style when it came in as the Art Nouveau which went before it. These are a few of the details from the front entrance.

Until tomorrow.



  1. I love looking at door architecture. Its quite fascinating. In fact I love looking at all sorts of architecture. I always look up when going anywhere I haven't been before.

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Love Art Nouveau and Deco, thanks for sharing those little details with us. x

  3. Admiring the Unilever Building is akin to wishing one were Ginger Rogers in her Size 2 floating on heels phase, whilst enjoying the opulence of the Blackfriars Pub is imagining oneself in the company of Kathleen Harrison in a character role. Haven't forgotten that previous post depicting happy friars cutting a meat pie and a cheese!

  4. I love the Art Deco style - it seemed such a leap forward from the previous existing style



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