Tuesday 3 March 2020

Blue Day

I've decided to remove the negative connotations associated with a "Blue Day". For me this means a day of fantastic cerulean blue skies and over the past few Winter months [aside from working or being ill] I have made sure I have stepped out of the door on every single fine day we've had. Many times I've looked at my Winter list of places to visit [some of these ideas are within walking distance and on a very small scale] and I've photographed some of what I've seen.

The positive knock on effect is that I feel more upbeat for several days to come and it helps me top up my resilience levels for those pewter grey days or the drops in mood/heightened levels of anxiety that are always waiting in the wings ready to pounce and take hold. I used to dread the colder, darker time of year after the bright lights of Christmas. Whilst I wouldn't claim to be a little ray of sunshine all the time I have remained on a far more even keel overall which has been further improved by me taking vitamin D this year [thanks to my Mum for letting me know about that one]. So yes to lots more Blue Days please!!

On my latest Blue Day outing I came across these rather splendid blue flowers. They are the size of Grape Hyacinths and a real bluebell colour. Can anyone enlighten me as to what these bulbs are please as they are new to me?



  1. Possibly one of the scilla family, maybe scilla siberica.

  2. Thank you. I think you're both right!


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