Friday 13 March 2020

Keep calm and carry on.

This poster was produced by the British government in 1939 just before WWII to alleviate fear and motivate the population. Despite its production it was rarely seen and not remembered until its rediscovery in 2000. Now you see it everywhere and in many forms. Perhaps it is overused and rather hackneyed, but I draw great personal comfort from it especially during times of uncertainty. I am keeping my sensible head on.

Hope you all have a good weekend.....please allow me to leave you with this moose I met in London [report of the visit next week]. Rather more charming than the mounted head of a real one I think.



  1. I saw the moose head on your FB page and was rather charmed by it's creation - have a good weekend x

  2. Just makes you want to touch that lovely wood.


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