Tuesday 24 March 2020

Being civilised.

The anthropologist, Margaret Mead, was asked by a student what was considered to be the first sign of civilisation in ancient society. Surprisingly she replied that it was when you found a healed femur. If your leg is broken you can't escape from danger, catch food or get to water sources. If it is healed somebody else has bound the wound, moved you to a place of safety away from predators and cared for you. Civilised people help and show kindness to others.

I made this one before last month and it's now stuck on the back of my front door to remind me when [meaning only for food...I have suspended my cleaning for all clients to keep them and myself safe] I go out.



  1. When I worked in a major airport I saw many acts of kindness among the PAX: young people carrying bags for unrelated elders, soldiers being treated to burgers by elderly veterans, foreign college kids in transit stepping up to translate for bewildered tourists. Witnessed a young man volunteer to sit with an Alzheimer's patient when the wife was called to return to the ticket counter after having gone through the security checkpoint. He cheerfully guarded the old gentleman and their bags until she returned, and since the other PAX in the long line had shared the story and invited her to go to the head of the line, the couple made their flight. (Later, there was competition among PAX and TSA officers at Starbuck's to buy the young man's lunch.)

    1. What a fabulous thing to have seen. Arilx



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