Monday 16 March 2020

The hostess with the mostest.....

Is not something I either aspire to or realistically stand a cat in hell's chance of ever achieving. Once upon a time guests would have asked you for the recipe if they liked something you served them. Then there was this......

Yesterday my friends emailed me to thank me for lunch and to say that they had popped into our local Tesco [they haven't got one near them] on their way home to pick up a frozen Jaffa cake dessert like the one they'd had at ours😆 In truth it's a long running joke.... all of us always make the main dish and then cheat with a bought pud when we get together. It was an unexpectedly delicious dessert for £2, but it has inspired me to go off and find a recipe for making something similar. This one looks a good 'un and could be featuring over Easter. I've not been a complete Slack Alice when it comes to all things culinary this weekend though as I've made a Frikadeller in the slow cooker and my first every lot of meatballs. It's a bit of a feather in the cap moment for me as I really dislike handling the raw mixture with my  hands.



  1. That recipe looks yum! Great for the grandchildren!

    Julie xxxxx

  2. That's a very good looking dessert!

  3. I am going to look for one of these it looks delicious.


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