Sunday 1 March 2020

Baba Marta Day

[Image from Pixabay]

Me again!! Not only is it St David's day today, but it's also Baba Marta day. It's a pagan Bulgarian tradition which welcomes the impending arrival of Spring and on this day you greet your loved ones with best wishes for good health, luck and joy. Baba Marta is a grouchy old woman whose rapidly changing moods embody the changeable weather of the month. It's hoped by paying her homage by wearing her colours [known as a martenitsa] of white for strength, happiness and purity twisted with the red wool for health, conception, blood and fertility you will humour her and clement conditions will follow.



  1. Baba Marta is a near kinswoman of Mother Nature, then...? Shall wear my red and white cat socks 'neath my black boots to church this morning. To honor St. David, I'll be taking 3 cheeseballs and a box of crackers for the coffee hour. Bases covered!

  2. Seems reasonable enough to me x

  3. That's interesting. I love learning about other saints etc

    Julie xxx

  4. Oh dear...think I could be turning into a grouchy old woman! x



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