Friday 27 August 2021

A sweet fib.

 Some of my friends are/were teachers and one in particular often regales me with the exploits of her young charges. Most recently one of the little boys managed to get himself locked in the office. He didn't seem fazed by the situation, but eventually they managed to extricate him. As he strolled towards her my friend asked him if he had eaten any of the sweets that were in there. "No" he assured her with great confidence and chocolate all round his mouth. "That's one box of choccies that the staff won't have to share!" she commented wryly🍫😋

Hope you have a great weekend.



  1. Replies
    1. Some of the antics are hilarious, but not suitable to repeated here! Arilx

  2. A friend taught first-grade for many years. A city girl, she was unused to the ways of rural youngsters. She told of monitoring a playground shaded by trees when a handsome squirrel scampered past the children. She launched into her teacher's tale of nuts and hibernation -- when two small lads beside her remarked,
    "'at was sure a fat one! Wish we'uns had a gun."

  3. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He DIDN'T!!!!
    I KNOW a child stole a mini music stand from my room when he was there. I'd already heard him saying he wanted to nick one and mysteriously onee vanished soon after!

    1. Yes he did. Naughty little boy. She's the Head Teacher though so I suspect she may have spoken to his parents. Arilx



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