Monday 30 August 2021

Down the pub.

Having barely been inside a pub for months I seem to have gone a bit mad this past week. Visiting two before 8am on a Saturday morning has to be a record even for me, but their doors were firmly shut at that hour. On a whim on my way back from shoppping I decided to take a detour to check out something I'd spotted earlier in the's certainly not every day that you encounter a flying bride! I would love to speak to the creator to find out the thought process that went into this. This is one of the entrants in a month long scarecrow trail that is finishing soon. Whilst there I snapped the pilot too. He's standing in front of a lifesize model of a spitfire which I blogged about here

Think of me later on today as I'm out performing at another inn with Mythago. It will be the first time in 18 months [we've only been back practising a month] so the nerves are jangling a bit. Tomorrow evening we are out at yet another one again....this time watching a friend dance. We're making the most of what's left of the 2021 Morris season!

Until tomorrow.



  1. Have fun performing - hope the weather stays fine for you

    1. It was great fun and it did stay dry thanks. Rather nippy though! Arilx


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