Friday 13 August 2021

Night School


I decided a few weeks ago that I could improve the quality of my evenings more by doing some online courses which would be of personal interest to me. Note I did not say studying as I have zero desire to get bogged down in heavy learning or anything leading to any kind of writing/testing when I'm tired. It is purely for pleasure and if I'm not keen then I am happy to jump ship and try something else. Naturally my other criteria is that it needs to be free😉

First off I did this one about butterflies. Now it might stem from Sussex, but it's a beginner's guide to UK butterflies so it doesn't matter where you hail from. Each video is about 15 minutes long and the chap who does it is hilarious....the one about the oh so venerated Purple Emperor is not quite what you might be expecting let's just say!

Now I'm working my way through a Futurelearn course about Star Carr. Again I'm finding it fascinating, but am approaching it very much from the sidelines rather than commenting on the materials covered. Once you start looking you realise just how many online learning opportunities there are available.

Have a lovely weekend.



  1. I'd no idea such stuff existed or where to start looking. Now I'm going to sign up for the butterfly one. Thanks for the link.

  2. Same here Aril, thanks for the link, I joined Archaeology in the Pewsey Vale.

    1. Hope you enjoy it. I nearly always end up doing the history ones with them! Arilx


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