Sunday 6 October 2013

Come take a walk with me.....

Yesterday was one of those where my personal demons swarmed over the ramparts and played merry hell. On those sort of days all I can do is pull up the drawbridge, keep my head below the parapet and adopt a siege mentality whilst I sit it out. I drop out of sight until I can find my sensible head to screw back on again and regain my equilibrium. I dig out my treatment notes to remind me of the CBT principles which helps me to readjust my skewed thinking and gets me back to functioning in the outside world much more quickly.

Another technique that works for me personally is spending time in nature- I find it very calming and hugely restorative. For that reason Mr GBT and I sallied forth to our local nature reserve today. It's within walking distance of where we live and we have an annual pass. I love seeing the changes that each season brings forth. Just a sample of shots from today to give a flavour of some of the sights we glimpsed.



  1. "I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order ....." Amazing photos! - Hope you're feeling a little more positive today. Sometimes you just need to 'simply be' don't you? Hugs x

  2. As a complete stranger to these demons of yours, can you please guide me in the appropriate response to such revelations? I find myself asking too many questions to a blank wall/screen/face - should one skirt around any reference to the highs and lows of others, should we wish them well soon or should we confront said demons on behalf of others in the hope that we can chase them back to wherever they came from in the first place? Indeed, should we attempt to flush them out and pan their brains in so they needn't bother to return? I ask these questions in all sincerity and in the hope of being enlightened. I also admire the bravery I can only assume it must take to admit to said demons being in attendance. Are these the self same ones that friends refer to as black dogs?

    If this comment is seen as offensive in any way, please delete it, I am genuinely confused by how one should respond after being told I am offensive, insulting and, lest I forget the best one of all, psycho. Sadly, the purveyor of such vocalisations seems to think 'it's a Scottish thing'. Most puzzling.

  3. Thanks Kim and Nyk. I don't find your comment in the least bit offensive Nyk. I am not looking for any kind of sympathy because I own it as being part of my personality and I know that it will pass. I simply put it out there because mental health is the last social taboo and is not discussed rationally enough in my opinion. I hope by being honest maybe it might just help somebody to further their understanding- it is a surprisingly common illnesess Arilx


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