Well would you Adam and Eve it?

Not only have I finished the blanket but looks who's testing it out?! And after that cheeky blog post she put up last week- Monday she "claimed" that the shock of it had made her faint on the bed...now I don't know much about such matters but I do not recall that any fainting fit I've ever heard of has lasted for 6 hours. Having now found her in the same position every day this week I think perhaps she has changed her mind....she has gone surprisingly quiet on the matter for one who is normally so vocal!



  1. Looks fabulous finished, well done! I'm only about halfway through knitting mine.

    Frugal Puss is desperate to try 'her' copycat version but she hasn't been allowed near it since I caught her batting a ball of feathery, fluffy, blue/green wool down the stairs! I'm sure she thought it was some sort of soft, plump little tweetie bird!

  2. Oooo such a nice blanket ... hours of work there ... enjoy ...if you can shift the cat!

    Vicky x

  3. Thank you for your comments- it was great fun doing it and no rules. Just garter stitch!


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