Friday 11 October 2013

Just Getting On With It

So after last weekend's blip I have decided that I have had enough of the hold this has on both my life and outlook. This week I have set myself the personal task of really noticing what people have said to me and not doing my usual trick of filtering out all the good stuff and only hearing the negative stuff which colours my world view and  reinforces my low self esteem. Frankly I am cheesed off with it and as I am the only one who can grab it by the scruff of the neck and boot it out of the door I have now dusted off my steel helmet and am battle ready! I've already had my first minor challenge to deal with week- normally I'd just think the same old thing- I can't do it because I am useless. I hasten to add I am quite a tough old bird and would eventually give myself a good talking to, dust myself off and have another go but this time I've chosen to miss out the whingey stage and come up with a way I think will help me to tackle the current skill shortfall and move forward.

This quote jumped out at me this week [seen on Mortgage Free in Three blog] and struck me as having the right message for me personally to stop procrastinating [I have been in the John Woden camp of mistaking activity for achievement ....displacement activity is my middle name. I get masses done but not what really needs my attention!]

"Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it" Chinese Proverb.

And this one made me smile!

One does so hate a half empty glass- I always live in hope of filling it again with something delicious as quickly as possible!!


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