Saturday 12 October 2013

On and On

Every once in a while it's good to break out of the adult world I find and leave it all behind for a brief period- for me there is a joy in revisiting and rediscovering the delights of poetry and fiction written for children- my next book to be read is Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce.

This poem  is by Roger McGough  and its cleverness simply pleases my sense of the ridiculous.

Is a well-wisher someone
who wishes at a well?

Is a bad-speller one
who casts a wicked spell?

Is a shop-lifter a giant
who goes round lifting shops?

Is a pop singer someone
who sings and then pops?

Is a pot-holer, a gunman
who shoots holes at pots?

Does a baby-sitter really
sit on tiny tots?

Is a light bulb a bulb
that is light as a feather?

Does an opera buff sing
in the altogether?

Does a pony trap trap ponies
going to the fair?

Is fire-hose stockings
that firemen wear?

Is a scratch team so itchy
it scratches?

When a bricklayer lays a brick
what hatches?

Is a sick bed a bed
that is feeling unwell?

Is a crime wave a criminal's
wave of farewell?

Is a bent copper a policeman
who has gone round the bend?

Is the bottom line the line
on your bottom? THE END



  1. I totally agree! Great poem Aril. I, too like to re-visit children's books and poems.. It really is a great relaxing technique as it totally takes you in another direction!

    Have a great Sunday sweet lady. Take care.


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