Thursday 3 October 2013

Update on the baking challenge!

Honestly this is not linked to The Great British Bakeoff in any way- I don't think Mr Paul Hollywood is quite ready for my crooked, unevenly sized style of baking somehow!  As per my previous post in Augus,t it's just for me to stretch myself a little and keep myself from stepping back into my oh so comfortable baking rut.

September's effort was cheese scones. As with pastry, I murder scone dough so any I had previously attempted had sulkily refused to rise. This time someone had very kindly pointed out to me that I might be able to get round it if I rolled it into a circle and cut it into pieces instead. Woohoo it worked- this recipe has both mustard powder and cayenne in it as I love cheese scones but only if they've got a decent hit of flavour.

Previous month's efforts were:

January Marmalade cake
February Toblerone cake
March Parsnip and caraway cake
April Caramel and apple cake
May Rhubarb crumble cake
June Elderflower and blackcurrant cake
July Raspberry Bakewell cake

August Chocolate and courgette cake

The "plan" [I'm always changing my mind so this could be subject to a whim at any moment"] at this moment in time is to do some appropriately "tasteful" Halloween baking with the dear chum that I celebrate the turning of the wheel with. We shall see.....


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