Friday Funding Fun

On matters of window dressing and saving some wonga for more exciting non essentials.

These are a few of the things I have done over the years- before I get started I should point out that I am not a talented needlewoman I have a very patient Mummy who holds my hand. I also work at the speed of a striking slug [if I were to race a sloth I am not all that sure I would win!] so projects can take months if not even a couple of years sometimes!

I have made most of my curtains [with help] so that I can afford better quality fabric- the idea being that they will last longer. I have chosen fabrics that won't date and washed them first to ensure that there is no shrinkage later down the line. When the small person was a babything I made him blue tab top curtains with coloured buttons along the top- now he's 15 and they're still going strong. I have simply removed the primary coloured buttons.

Charity shops are a good source of decent quality curtains- I have a pair of patchwork ones in my spare room that I picked up for a song.

Old curtains- I remove the header tape as this can be reused as can the lining. The pair I made for our room have a separate lining.

Our bathroom is in dire need of a new blind- I have bought one for £3.50 from the charity shop [I always try to recycle or make do and mend where ever possible to both save money and not create a space for a new blind to be made] which I am in the process of cutting down to size. Erm in 2010 I got 3/4 of the way through making a blind for our cloakroom- it's the back of a plain cream duvet cover [the front was tea stained] which I have covered with an Indian sari remnant and over stitched with gold thread. I have some ribbon tucked away to bind the edges- this will not be one that needs to be pulled up. As I am dangerously nearing redecorating the cloakroom there is a fighting chance that this UFO will see the light of day and be hung before the year is out!



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