Saturday 4 January 2014

Unsanitary Upcycling!

As the weather is to be,quite frank, a little on the naff side today I thought perhaps a little silliness for those ladies of a certain age like myself who no longer have need of specific ladies items. If I had an unused stash of such glories remaining I might perhaps choose to while a wet afternoon crafting......

Perhaps a toupee for Mr GBT who is folically challenged

Or a bouquet for Valentine's day

Or even slippers

I have got a new pair of slippers today- but erm bought in the sales from a retailer on this occasion!

More marvellous ideas to while away the hours from here

Never let it be said that I don't spoil you!



  1. LOL. Errr....pass on that one. When it came to That Point myself I just bagged up all the "goodies" and passed them on to a younger woman I knew. I didn't know just how she would react and whether she might be a bit "off" about it but I knew she was someone who tends to ricochet through various financial problems. In the event, she was very appreciative. Waste of my money to have had the stuff in...but at least it wasn't a waste of resources, as I knew she would use it all up.

  2. I freecycled mine- probably too much info there but no point sending them to landfill in my humble opinion!

  3. Sorry Ceridwen meant to add Happy New Year!x

  4. Happy New Year to you as well m'dear.


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