I find when you mention the word corvid or any of the individual birds within the group it meets with a strong reaction. People have a definite opinion about them- I am a huge fan [I know that some of their behaviour is unsavoury but humans can hardly take the moral high ground]. I could write reams, use poems, quotes but others in the blogging world [see Leanne's lovely entries on her Tales of Simple Days] have already done so. Instead a few of Mr GBT's pictures I hope will capture their spirit.



  1. ah yes, a huge corvid fan here as you know!

    lovely photos!

    Leanne x

  2. Thanks Leanne! I am hoping that one day we might strike lucky and get a photo of a jay.

  3. Thank you Aril, I too love the corvids and was glad to see both a magpie and jackdaws yesterday in the garden for the RSPB bird count :o)
    I occasionally see jays in a small wood about half a mile from home - they always make me smile!
    Rose H
    P.S. Lovely photos.

  4. Thanks for your comment Rose. We had torrential rain so the birds didn't come to the feeder during the RSPB count this year. Today there's been lots- typical!


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