Friday Funding Fun

For many years after I completed my degree I swore I would never study again- this was the case until my last job required me to gain new skills and qualifications so that I could teach. After failing my Maths O Level three times [my Dad has a Maths degree but it bypassed me totally!] at the grand old age of 37 I learnt how to do fractions and passed my level 2 Maths. For me it was a proud moment and I rediscovered a love of learning. I have no desire to do exams which I find very stressful but have recently just completed a fascinating six week course about England in the time of Richard III and it was gratis! The course is being rerun this year and the company offer a wide range of other courses on a plethora of subjects. Mr GBT has signed up for one about Moons!  Link below along with one for free taster courses with the OU.


That's what I like free, frugal and fun!



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