Saturday 25 January 2014

Randomish Bits and Bobs!

Just a few loosely related history thingummy jigs from the last few days.

Firstly this- a mystery object [ooh I do so love a mystery object] that I encountered this week when I was nosing around our town museum.

This I discovered is a grape storage jar. A piece of vine with the grapes attached was inserted into the neck of the jar then it was filled with water and charcoal to purify it. This allowed the grapes to stay fresh for longer.

Then this from my trip to the Cat House in Henfied in the autumnn

At last I have found what this was used for- the zulu hole

The eccentric Robert Ward who lived here and took great umbridge at Canon Woodard's cat who killed his canary used to blow a horn out of it. The reference to zulu maybe because he fought in the Zulu Wars. That little conundrum has been bugging me for months- I knew there had to be an answer out there somewhere!

For anyone interested in the Saxons [me, me,me] a Book of the Face chum has posted up this link for a map of Anglo Saxon London by Brian Bates: [you might need to copy and paste the link as sometimes Blogger embeds it properly and sometimes it doesn't- it seems to a Luddite like myself this is entirely down to which way the wind is blowing!]

Finally I received this little gem in the post this week- I have taken part in a January Blues swap this month with some members of a lovely forum I frequent. My swappee [you don't know the identity of your sender] has got me down to a tee I think- was most thrilled.

Most marvellous reading material for this weekend me thinks!


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