Friday 31 January 2014

Friday Funding Fun.

I recently made a massive investment of thirty [yes thirty no less] pennies towards a stripy jumper that caught my eye at the recent jumble sale I was helping out at. Once I'd got it home I noticed that it had two small holes in the back- easy enough to do a spot of make do and mend but alas and alack no apple green thread to be found in my sewing box.....until I remembered that I have bags of inherited embroidery threads from my Aunt as well as leftover ones from finished projects [yes they do occasionally reach completion- I never cease to be as startled as you!] all carefully coloured coordinated [yes I am tragically anal like that] and huzzah therein lay the perfect thread. So before you part with your wonga for a new spool and no doubts lots of other temptations in the sewing shop whilst you're there that you hadn't planned on getting it pays to do a bit of rummaging through that craft stash you've got secreted all over the house!

I've now had this bonkers plan that said jumper could be converted into a cardigan....sheer madness but for the sake of thirty pennies I am willing to risk it. If the result is passable I might even share a photo- if it's an unmitigated disaster this is the last you will ever hear of this particular cunning plan!


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