Tuesday 14 January 2014

Upon having baggage......

Breathe.....it's not a post about emotional baggage. Instead acquiring a new to me bag for the princely sum of thirty pennies from the jumble sale I was helping out at on Saturday....how could I not bring it home with me. Anyone who knows me in real life will know that this little number is right up my street!

Whilst on the topic of lovelies and glancing through the photos I have also forgotten to put this piece of treasure up that came my way via a very generous freecycler just before Chrimble. I have a beautiful wooden corner cupboard half way up my stairs that Mr GBT made for me some years ago that holds some of my dearest things. One day when I am feeling organised I shall put up some photos so anyone who is kind enough to drop by can have a nose if they so wish.

I do so love a hearty splash of colour!



Rest awhile and smile.

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