Monday 6 October 2014

A Wondering About Jenny Bare Legs.

As the weather was set fair yesterday Mr GBT and I donned our boots and walked out to a local nature reserve. Formerly it was a farm [Katherine Howard lived there at one point] and has now been turned into a nature reserve. There's not a great deal to see as it stands right now but it's evolving- at the moment they're in the process of creating water meadows and they have llamas and British Whites [cattle] grazing the wild flower meadows at specific points in the season.

Looking at the map before we set off many of the fields have been named but nothing that would particularly stand out....that was until I spied one called Jenny Bare Legs field. Well that got the old grey matter whirring...immediately my little brain wanted to know who was this wanton strumpet with bare legs and what exactly had she done in this particular field that made her so notorious. Hoping to unearth some delicious scandal of yesteryear it seems that there might be a slightly more mundane answer Gordon Judge on his blog Geoverse seems to have beaten me to it. Bare leg may be a corruption of bare lag meaning unproductive field. His thoughts on the matter are here

Ah well back to my British Museum musings then....


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