Tuesday 28 October 2014

Halloween And House Sparkling!

For a housesparkling fairy like myself Halloween is a gift. The following image has given me every excuse to leave the feather duster in its hiding place..don't get me wrong GBT is pretty clean but I think it rather rude to remove cobwebs [I do it happily on a paid basis for others] which have a resident spider...you wouldn't like to have your dinner plate whisked away from you before you had finished eating would you!!

So talk of spiders has given me the perfect excuse to put up this lovely picture called "Swing Time" by Michael Topham [another one seen on the same trip here http://gnatbottomedtowers.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/oh-my-gosh-and-golly.html ]

I am off for a rootle around in the loft to unearth the Halloween decs- I am quite sure that the small person will be perfectly delighted and that there'll be neither the slightest amount of eye rolling nor mysteriously leaving his mates on the front door step. Guffaw!


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