An Autumn Themed Fabric Delight

The last piccies from Sunday's outing.We decided as we were seeing the sights around Rudgwick it would have been rude not to have stuck our snouts round the door at Holy Trinity whilst we were in the vicinity. When Mr GBT was made redundant unexpectedly in 2005 and our income plunged one of the decisions I made to ensure that we could still get out and about but on much less wonga was to become a tourist in my own area. It's something I have never regretted. Having a huge nosey bone anyway this has yielded all manner of surprises and treasures of which this is the latest. This wall hanging was created by the villagers in 2009 and is multi textured with some wonderful detailing. I hope these give you a flavour of what I enjoyed.



  1. That's so lovely. Aren't all those sewing peeps clever. Must get my own machine out at some time x

  2. It was a lovely find in a small local village church. They're the best treasure to discover!


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