Friday 24 October 2014

The Humphrey Times.

Good day to you dearest fellow felines.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Humphrey [not my choice of name I hasten to real name is far more dignified but one must humour the staff I find] and I am the new resident panther at Gnat Bottomed Towers.

I have been assessing my situation these last two weeks of incarceration and have to say that by and large it's not too bad a pad if a tad on the small size. I have informed them on many occasions in miaows of one syllable that the cat flap is clearly faulty and not fit for purpose for it neither flaps nor opens. I have taken them patiently to the front door and asked to be let out [I loathe using the litter tray even though I am fastidiously tidy when forced to use the dratted thing] and even tried to escape via the washing machine door once or twice. Small fry though when compared to today's debacle.

The staff simply refused to serve breakfast....feasting and cuddling are my main hobbies....and why one they could ram me into that horrid little box and take me to the vet for a touch of male tom cat adjustment. Knocked out and everything I was only for the vet to discover that I have already undergone this ordeal in a previous life so it was all for nothing. The incompetence is beyond belief and as for the indignity I have suffered so might I just say "New Staff Please".



  1. Aah, sweet Humphrey, I'm sure your freedom will come soon :o) As for that horrid little box you were put into and the indignity you suffered - I think 'they' must have thought you Irish, you know - to be sure, to be sure?
    Sending you a huge cuddle.
    Rose H
    (This post made me laugh so much!)

  2. Just to add insult to injury he's also got two shaved patches on his front legs- he's so sweet really! Thanks for your comment Rose!


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