Magpies and Marbles.

Many moons ago the small person went through a phase of collecting marbles. Over a period of time he amassed a few unusual ones and once this particular fad had passed my friend H had first dibs. She has a bowl of lovely examples and after she'd picked out the ones that had caught her eye the rest went to dear chum P who decorates the earth surface in her garden pots. However, it transpires that the new marbles didn't only appeal to her....a few were whisked off by the local magpie!

Now I have a great love of all things shiny and it has oft been said that I may have been a magpie in a former life for I have a houseful of shimmering glories and this is my marble equivalent. Simply called "Art on a ball" it formed part of a sculpture display at the Hillier garden. Amazingly it's one of those gym balls.



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