Saturday 4 October 2014

The Glums.

Found in a sand bank at Camas Uig in 1831 this is the famous 12th century Lewis chessmen. Most are made from walrus ivory but some are from whale bone. There is some conjecture as to where they originated from but from other similar sets found Norway seems to be the most likely contender. There is evidence that the set was white and red once as opposed to our modern black and white version. I have to be honest I find their sad or bored expressions highly comical but dear old Wikipedia tells me that the intention would have been to convey strength and ferocity. Here you can judge for yourself......

The Queen looks particularly fed up whilst the King looks like he's just done something naughty which he's finding funny...perhaps he's just told her the same joke again that she's heard over and over or he's broken wind.....

Here is the display in all its glory at the British Museum [some are held at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh] it me or is the one at the back wearing a bowler hat?! Philistine? Moi? No in all truthfulness I think they are absolutely amazing and am so pleased to have seen them this time as they had been loaned out last time I visited.


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