Thursday 16 October 2014

Surely Not Another One!

In my world here at GBT there is no such thing as too many greenmen....Mr GBT may beg to differ of course!

Anyway let's get down to business.....the latest fellow to sneak in and join the collection is this rather fine chap.

He is a copy of one of a pair of roof bosses from the chapel at Woodchester Park Mansion 1856-70. From the information supplied with him I now know that the roof boss is the keystone where several vaulting ribs meet so it is a structural as well as a ornamental feature.

Made by Martin and Oliver Webb the figure incorporates some of the stone removed during the restoration. More of their work can be seen here and of particular interest to me is their index of mythical entities One is always so taken with a marvellous list to inwardly digest.


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