Sunday 5 October 2014

'Twas An Interesting Day For Dancing.

Yes one has been off gallivanting again for a bit of stick bashing and bell jangling. Destination Harvey's Brewery, Lewes for the "Dancing in of the Old Ale" event. We were kindly invited along as this year's guest turn.

The "plan" was to move on and dance around the town after lunch but someone broke the weather and due to inclement conditions and expensive instruments that don't take kindly to being rained upon we gave that up as a bad idea and remained ensconced within the warm, roomy depths of the local hostelry.

Prior to becoming a dancer I have always been enthralled by Morris dancing whatever the tradition. Yesterday gave me a wonderful opportunity to see what other sides get up to.

This is the Longman Morris side who were the organisers of the event and are a traditional Cotswold team with hankies and sticks. The main chap in the middle looks most jolly....something to do with the free beer perchance?!

Knots of May are based in Brighton and are an all ladies side. Their costumes are based on ones from the 1890s and they follow a North West tradition hence the clogs and aprons reminiscent of the Lancashire mills. No sticks...the ladies dance with garlands instead.

One of their muscians [the chap on the right] wears a sign on his hat saying "It's a serpent" as he must have been asked what his instrument is called a zillion times!

This is the Chanctonbury Morris Men. They dance both Cotswold and North West Traditions so again they're in clogs. Their style for the latter is incredibly precise and they keep perfect time with one another.

Then there's load of old reprobates who shout loudly, whizz around like loonies and wear masks so no one can recognise them...erm that'll be me dancing in the photo then!



  1. It sounds like a great time was had by all. Are you the one with the red and white?


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