Thursday 30 October 2014

National Black Cat Day 30th October

Knowing that I have recently entered the serfdom of another feline dear chum E flagged this up on the book of the face for me last week Now I had heard that black cats are the hardest to rehome and a dancing chum K, who has 3 black rescue cats, confirmed this to be the case. I took the decision to try and support a locally run rescue centre rather than the CPL on this occasion and the lady from there said that the last black cat she'd had in her Mother had taken in the end because she couldn't find him a new forever home. People are very fickle....I mean a black cat hardly knows it's a black cat does it and I frankly couldn't give a stuff what colour any moggie of mine is. Upon discussing this with others some have said black cats are lucky others unlucky...well this got me curious so I've done a bit of googling to find out more. I remain none the wiser.....

In Egypt all cats were revered and Bastet was their goddess of cats.

In Scotland should a black cat arrive in your home this signifies prosperity.

In Japan black cats are good luck, but since the Middle Ages and the association of the black cat with witchcraft they have become vilified. Often they were cast as a witch's familiar or some went so far as to believe that a witch could transform itself into a black cat.

In Germany if a black cat crosses your path from right to left this is deemed to be bad luck but good luck if it happens in the opposite direction.

Charles I believed that black cats were good luck. When his own one died he was arrested and charged with high treason the next day.

Sailors felt that a black ship cat was good luck and often fishermen's wives kept them for similar reasons yet pirates thought that a black cat on board meant that you were doomed to sail.

"Whenever the cat of the house is black
The lasses of lovers will have no luck."
English Proverb......yet if you were a Midlands bride and were lucky enough to receive a black cat as a wedding gift good fortune would be yours.

In the south of France black cats are called "magators" meaning magician cats.

You want a black cat in the the audience on an opening night as this portends a successful production but not in your room if you are discussing family matters in the Netherlands as apparently they will spread the gossip near and far!

On a personal note if you are thinking of getting a cat please do consider a black one....the rescue centres are brimming over with them [bit like the staffies- another cause close to my heart] I'm always fighting for the underdog and yes, I would say, ever since the sad loss of Psychocat my luck is on the turn. Humphrey is an absolute joy. He is incredibly loving and we are all delighted to have him come and live with us. He is a complete dear!


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