Tuesday 14 October 2014

The Sussex Charmer and The Strumpet.

Well that got your attention didn't it.....I am, of course, talking cider and cheese....why what were you expecting....the mind boggles!!

Part of our little sortie yesterday involved a visit to a local village's apple day. I had to drag Mr GBT along kicking [my shins still hurt!] and screaming...no not really he's a good natured soul. This village is one of those very splendid proactive communities with loads going on. Their local cider society is testament to this approach. Over the last few weeks many of those with apple trees have dropped off their apples to a central collection point.

It is then all hands to the press to get the apples crushed and into a cheese from which both apple juice and different ciders are made. Yesterday I tried Old Doctor [an acquired taste and not one that I shall be acquiring in any great hurry thank ye] and this one which is much more to my palate.

They also make an apple vinegar called Vinegar Witch. The products can be bought from a handful of local outlets and all proceeds are ploughed back into various clubs and initiatives including the biodiversity projects within the village. I think it's tremendous.

As for the Old Charmer...why within the same village a cafe has opened this year on the site of the old brickworks [along with a microbrewery]. The owners have a herd of cattle from which they make the most amazing cheese called...you guessed it!! Old Charmer is a combination of a mature cheddar and parmesan recipe and has won awards as the International Cheese Awards. The Milk Churn cafe is renown for its fabulous cheese on toast so this was our choice for lunch. Fabulous!


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