Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing Day Capers

One of the things I have really enjoyed since taking up Morris Dancing is getting out there and strutting my funky stuff on Boxing Day. I used to haunt Mythago on Boxing Day as a spectator and now I can still hardly believe that I am lucky enough to be a participant!

Occasionally we go wild and wear our coloured kits. Usually it's only on high days and holidays and today fell into that category. I had the lovely surprise of discovering that Ice Badger [that's her in the snazzy orange kit in the first snap] had finished it. She had been hoping to but there was no rush as only having the correct black kit is obligatory. I now need to finish the mask I've painted to go with it. Against the backdrop of a grey, cloudy day [although thankfully dry] the colours really showed up clearly. Am really delighted with my new tatters jacket!


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