Friday 18 December 2015

Gotta Lotta Bottle.

Small steps in the right direction have been taken recently by moi. I decided to expand upon my litter picking duties and have become involved with a local lady who's a beacon of light on the local green scene. She's just won the green community award and is a very positive do-er. The environmental news is grim, but the thing with doom and gloom merchants I've found is that they take great delight in spreading their tidings of woe, but are not actually the ones who always get off their rumps and do anything about it. This approach just scares the carp out of people- recent evidence shows that people are far more likely to be proactive in these sort of matters if they realise their efforts do make a difference and they get positive feedback [or you hit them financially in the pocket!]. I am now collecting materials for the Terracycle brigades from local pick up points which can't go through any of our other local recycling facilities. These will be sent off for various projects. My first small personal success has been to get our local council to update their website to reflect the latest addition of plastic lids which they'd announced earlier in the year in a magazine. They want us all to increase the amount of plastic that's diverted from landfill so I'm just making a nuisance of myself and making sure that all the relevant information is freely available!

Continuing with the theme of recycling this is one of this year's town centre Christmas trees. Made from 600 bottles donated by Wessex Water. It was created by Rubbish Artist Tracey Graham and paid for by a Wrap grant. The plan is that it will be used throughout the area. I am very taken with it.


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