The Early Bird Catches The Worm?

....But for me it was more a case of the grumpy old bird goes shopping ridiculously early as she has no desire to waste her free time standing to nose to tail with her fellow humans on a bank holiday if she doesn't need to. The sunrise seen from the Tesco carpark at some god forsaken unearthly hour [actually 7.30 just as I was loading the car but it doesn't make such a hefty yarn if I don't exaggerate the facts now does it and this is la la Blogland afterall!]. I needed a Nana nap later to recover my energy levels!!!



  1. Can't bear shopping at the best of time, sales are to be avoided at all costs (as is shopping generally! - but I may have already hinted at that...)

  2. Haven't been near the sales....find it hard to resist a rummage in a charity shop when I'm passing from time to time. Find all sorts of goodies that way but then that's recycling isn't it!


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