Tuesday, 1 December 2015


An extremely cheap padder food- only occasionally though as not so good for the waistline. This is what my Mil used to cook for her big brood to fill them up when she was doing a cooked breakfast. Called "Puffs" they are simply a very thick paste of water and SR flour [think thick wallpaper paste] with salt for flavour [we added herbs last time] Heat up oil in a frying pan and drop dollops in- cook slowly for 10-15 mins turning once. During that time they puff up- hence the name! Worth draining them on absorbent paper as they soak up the oil otherwise. Even the hollow legged teenogre took a brief snacking break....mind you he was back nosing around my cupboards looking for edible treasures within the hour but that's quite a long time with his current state of near perpetual hungriness!


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