Watch What You Say!

Occasionally some of my housesparkling clients have asked me to clean for their relatives if they have been unable to keep an appointment. For this very reason I did a one off clean for a lady's Mum last week. Having never met her before she insisted I stop for a cuppa afterwards and she turned out to be a complete hoot regaling me with various tales of the antics she'd got up to. Naughty torties, mars bar eating horses....and this one.

At one stage she lived in one of the Sussex villages with her hounds. Out walking the dogs along her usual route she passed a caravan only to greeted by a torrent of abuse and swearing at her from the open window. The first couple of times she ignored it as she knew she wasn't trespassing but after it had happened again she saw the owner and felt it time to have a word with him to try and get to the root of the problem. As she wryly said she's no prude but the language really was very coarse. The chap looked a little taken aback when she approached him but then smiled and told her to follow him. He introduced her to the culprit...he had a pet mynah bird! Relief all round.



  1. Isn't it wonderful the stories and conversation we have when we least expect them. I think I would do an occasional job for this woman just to hear stories to spice up my own life a bit!

  2. Oral history at its best! Thanks for your comment Sam


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