Friday 8 April 2016

A Mexican Standoff

We have a new inanimate arrival here at GBT...this is Mr GBT's new hobby and he must be the only chap ever to have to go to Halfords to pick up a mandolin [it was the collection point for the mail order company]

Humphrey is fact dare I go so far as to say he is deeply offended by the said item....particularly when it randomly plays a short burst of "Bobby Shafto" or "Scarborough Fair" at him out of sheer spite. Using a feline's illogic and in a bid to oust the interloper, he has taken up residence in its box whenever the opportunity presents itself. As the situation has reached stalemate it now seems we must remain at an impasse for the forseeable future. Naturally, Said Cat manages to recover from his sulk remarkably quickly if he thinks there may the smallest chance of a snack in the offing. Little git!



  1. Love it! The cat protest sit in and the mandolin! x

  2. Mandolin traps cat reports local musician - must make a note of it ...

  3. Our bloody cat sleeps everywhere EXCEPT where we want him to. Typical!



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