Construction [Crucifixion]: Homage to Mondrian

This striking piece of sculpture is by Barbara Hepworth and can be found in the Cathedral Close in Winchester [there are a couple of other copies elsewhere in the world]. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Modern Art but this one is definitely in the love camp along with Coventry and Liverpool Cathedrals. To me it has echoes of Japanese art, Rennie Mackintosh and the Art Deco Movement, but this dates from 1966 and is one of her later works. For those who want to know more about what it represents I have included a snap of the information board below.

Once again I have no recollection of this being here when I lived in the city but I suspect that it is another case of me wandering around with blinkers on back then!



  1. I love it and it's so unexpected for Barbara Hepworth. x

  2. It's a bit different to her more normal style isn't itx

  3. I'm not very keen on Mondrian, and this leaves me a little cold also.


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