Monday 11 April 2016

Through The Round Window....

Anyone who is of a certain vintage will be familiar with the words from the blog title borrowed shamelessly from the children's programme "Play School." I will complete the set over the next couple of days.

Allow me to present the First World War memorial in St Mary Magdalene's Church in Bolney, West Sussex. A rather attractive central panel which caught the light beautifully, but nothing particularly unusual about it you might think....

But look again....

Surely the dates for the WWI are 1914-1918 yet this clearly shows 1914-1919. Mr GBT spotted this anomaly. Having discounted the possibility that it was an error we hatched various erroneous theories about why this was...all wrong we later discovered. We now know that some are carved with this date in recognition of the signing of the Versailles treaty in 1919...even more rarely others show an end date of 1921 which was when the USA signed the Berlin treaty with Germany.

This was one of the things we encountered on our weekend's walk with the Sussex Wildlife Trust at the weekend...more to follow!



  1. Interesting, didn't know that :)

  2. On a French blog that I follow, it was pointed out that Catholic churches don't contain graves, memorials, or plaques, dedicated to the departed. As birth, marriage, and death, is the preserve of the state, they are all outside.


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