Thursday 7 April 2016

Waste Not Want Not

I fear this post may fall into the dullard camp but once in a while I do touch base with what's happening in my real life as I plod on always tweaking what I do in a bid to live more lightly. As previously noted I am no saint!

So with taking small steps and regularly reviewing to see what else I can do within my thrifty little world I made these soap balls out of all the soap scraps I've been keeping last week. Grating all the bits, I added a few drops of essential oil that I already had and mixed it all with a little bit of hot water. Formed into balls I then popped them on the wire tray in the airing cupboard to dry. Certainly not a thing of beauty but functional.

Other things I've done have included cutting up some old cotton pjs into cloths to be used for mopping up spills rather than kitchen paper [they've been put under the sink so they're easily accessible] and cleaning a tarnished silver necklace with the dregs of an "empty" toothpaste tube. It's surprising how much is left when you cut them open. I didn't hold out much hope for this old fashioned remedy but it worked a I can now jettison silver polish from my life. Huzzah!

Who knows where my little green and winding path will take me next!



  1. Like the toothpaste idea. May try myself x

  2. I've heard the toothpaste trick but never knew anyone who actually used it with success. Not that I have much silver, but good to know it works.

  3. I've used the toothpaste trick too - successfully. I've tried the silver foil/bicarb and vinegar trick to make tarnished silver twinkle again - with moderate success, felt a bit wasteful when elbow grease is free!


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