Friday 29 April 2016

Scavenger Hunt

For the first time ever I have popped my head above the parapet and joined in with a Scavenger Hunt organised by the lovely blogger Hawthorn Spellweaver Here's my photographic interpretation

1. Orange

 This is my dear chum Ice Badger's coloured kit. Most definitely orange!

2. Feather.

I have a pot of feathers on my bookshelf. The tiny one I found on my walk to Bolney earlier this month.

3. Something fresh.

My interpretation of this is frankly a bit off beam, but the teenogre's fresh approach to avoiding putting away the clothes he's just ironed by hanging them on his punch bag amused me. One wonders where the poor child gets his batty genes from!!

4. Horizon.

We have A levels looming on the horizon.....


Drew a blank on this one so am cheating like mad and reusing my recent photo of the stream with the wild garlic growing on the bank at Buncton, West Sussex which I saw earlier this month.


Having finished my tatters jacket for me at Easter, Ice Badger kindly returned the rest of the fabric to me this week. In effect that means that my as yet unfinished mask has shot to the top of the craft projects list. Typically I want to do anything but this!

7. Growing.

We weren't sure whether our little apple tree had made it through the winter. I am pleased to report that our fears have proved to be unfounded.

8. Memories.

This little tiny pottery wren is the first present Mr GBT ever bought me 26 years ago. I think wrens are most definitely not LBJs [Little Brown Jobs] but the most fabulous birds. When you consider how common they are you rarely see them. I love their little stubby tails.


This is part of a walking stick my friend carved for me. The runes are a favourite quote of mine. "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." [Oscar Wilde].

10. Any subject of your choosing.

Dear old Humphrey inspecting Mr GBT's latest handiwork. We are in the process of very slowly [he has very little spare time at the moment] putting the back garden over to gravel and raised beds. At the moment it looks a bit like the Battle of the Somme out there as he's dug up most of the lawn and we're looking out on a sea of mud. Humphrey clearly does not approve if his scowl is anything to go by!

Thanks for organising!



  1. Great Aril. My youngest was my untidiest with clean and dirty clothes always mixed. I love the quote and when you finished the raised beds, could I have some too! (lol). Have a good weekend and take care.

  2. Many congratulations, great set of pictures

  3. Great photos. My son does something similar with clean ironed clothes, although he doesn't have a punch bag!

  4. I love your different approach to some of the titles. Your Humphrey could be our dear old Jak who passed away 18 months ago and is still very much missed. xx

  5. I love the cameo stories for each photo - the one that amused me the most is the teenogre's tidying up style - my two have a similar style of 'arranging' their clean washing .... so very glad you joined in :)

  6. I remember that sort of tidying well! Love the mask

  7. Love the Oscar Wilde quote; very apt.

  8. great photos! at least the teenogres clothes aren't on the floor.... AS & A levels looming here, like a black cloud on the horizon....

  9. Visiting from the scavenger photo-hunt. Great pictures. The shades of orange in the top picture are glorious. X

  10. I love Ice Badger's brilliant orange jacket!!!
    The punchbag 'Fresh' is absolutely hilarious!!!!!!! Yes, indeed!!!!!!x


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