Thursday 14 April 2016


A sunny Tuesday off work means only one thing in my world....I'm heading out of the door with indecent haste so that I don't waste it bogged down in grunt work. Whatever the weather might have thrown at us I had arranged to meet my dear chum E to go dog walking with her and her young sprocker, Toby. Thankfully it was glorious as we ascended Leith Hill, just over the border in Surrey.

Sometimes I think I must have standing stones on the brain. We passed this sculpture and the carved spirals put me in mind of the swirling patterns I've seen in photos of the Neolithic burial tomb, Newgrange.  I mentioned my observation in passing to E, but thought nothing more of it until I got home.

On this occasion it transpires that I wasn't actually far wrong. This piece is called "Oak Stones" and is by Walter Bailey. Indeed it is paying homage to the megaliths left by our ancestors. Each side has a different set of patterns and this was the view from one side to the other.


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  1. Concentric circles are always fascinating; like watching the ripples from a pebble in water.


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