Monday 20 February 2017

For Folklore Lovers!

It won't come as any surprise to learn that I am most keen on folklore in all its many different forms and how it played a part in the lives of  some of the ordinary folk who generally leave little mark on the historical records.

For anyone equally passionate about this subject and wanting to find out more, this site might be of interest. It's packed full of articles and there's a weekly live feed over on Twitter #FolkloreThursday with even more info coming in.

I, meanwhile, must not buy any more books until I have read the titles already in my collection.

It might look like a relatively modest pile, but don't be fooled. I have another six volumes of the Man, Myth and Magic to add to that. They were my main pressie from Mr GBT for my 50th. I was lucky to get them for an incredibly reasonable price after a friend tipped me the wink.



  1. Mind you don't fall into one of those mysterious books never to be seen again! x

    1. I do solennly swear to be back to annoy everyone in blogland!


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