Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Within the last few days these have appeared running along the bottom of the local Sainsburys. It would appear that we have a would-be Banksy in our midst! I know it's naughty to deface property, but I am rather amused by them and it makes a change from the normal four letter words or gentleman's upstanding member graffiti.

Knowing the type of town we are, I suspect that they won't be there long. The one whose job it will be to remove them may be a tad less delighted....ratty even!



  1. I love these urban statements - Berwick on Tweed has a goodly selection of penguins, skulls, lighting shafts and bears that quietly appear on the architecture - fortunately they do stay.

  2. They do look 3 D-I was caught off guard at first and thought the real versions were outside your grocer. I felt a tad sick.

    1. Oh dear...didn't mean to give you the heebie-jeebies! Think I might have headed for the hills had they been real too!


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