Saturday 4 February 2017

Humour With Strings Attached!

Once upon a time I started to learn to play or should I say "saw" the violin. Thankfully for all parties concerned it was a short lived fad. You would think I would have learnt from that experience...naturally I didn't. No, in my innate wisdom I decided to have a crack at the cello. Frankly I think it was more to do with the fact that my friend S was having lessons. It was another disaster.....although I must say I became rather marvellous at pizzicato. It was the blooming bow which foxed me...had I continued in this pointless quest it would have certainly brought a whole new meaning to the term "scratch" orchestra!

Thankfully now I am happy to leave all the glory to those who can actually play the things and just enjoy the sound....this includes my friend S who continues to play to this day. However, if the following comment made by the conductor, Sir Thomas Beecham to one of his lady cellists is to be believed maybe not all the cellists always make the grade!

"Madam, you have there between your legs that which could give pleasure to thousands, and all you do is sit there and scratch it."

For anyone wishing to partake of any more cello related humour I have even tracked down a web page of appropriate jokes 😸 Spoiling you again!



  1. I tried to learn the guitar but that was a bit of a nightmare. Always wanted to play the piano though but there's never been the time. Next life?! xx

    1. Realistically I think it unlikely in this life or the job is to appreciate the efforts of others!



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