Thursday 9 February 2017

Prophetic Genetics

So I hear we have Valentine's day waiting just round the corner next week....the shops in my town have been encouraging us to all buy the "Romantic" merchandise since early January [along with Easter eggs!]. Having admitted on previous occasions that the romantic gene seems to have bypassed me completely...doesn't everyone challenge their better half to see who can find the tackiest card for 100 pennies then?! [as if it needed saying I won hands down], I think I may now know why.....

Chatting to my Dad yesterday, he revealed that my Grandfather, who died several years before I was born, called my Nana "Prit". Thinking it might be an endearing shortening of "Pretty", I discovered that I was partly was actually from "Pretty Awful" Now before you think badly of the fellow I should point out that he had a very impish sense of humour and that my Nana was more than equipped to deal with him and his naughtiness. As for me...well with that sort of ancestry I didn't stand much of a chance of turning out sentimental did I now! At least now I can blame it on my genes when I adoringly call Mr GBT a hobbit!



  1. So I am indeed married to a miserable old fart! Well he has been known to call me the old dragon! Charming aren't we...he keeps coming home for his tea where have I gone wrong?! x


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