Thursday 2 February 2017


A son got his voluntary placement We are delighted, if a little apprehensive if the truth be known, but obviously we won't be telling him that😏 That's more down to this parenting business of giving your offspring roots and wings. He's off to Asia for ten weeks in the Spring to help out on a youth scheme. No doubt he will return with many tales to tell and hopefully a fresh outlook on life. If you're wondering he's posing [yes posing is definitely the case], whilst pretending to artistically gaze out to sea at the Giant's Causeway on our visit last year!



  1. Well done the boy, and well done his parents for letting his wings grow and take flight. x

  2. Sending positive hugs for you and completely emphasise with the apprehension but how exciting for him x

  3. Good for him. He will hold that experience for a lifetime.

  4. Thank you....I am pleased for him because I know how important this is to him.


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