Monday 27 February 2017


So buoyed up the success of producing a lemon/orange curd in the slow cooker earlier this month, I decided to try my hand at making a batch of citrus biscuits for my February recipe. The result was unremarkable, even dull and although they are being eaten up, I have to say it's without much enthusiasm. The upshot of the was I was left with two zested lemons and an orange glaring accusingly at me. Thinking cap on.......

Trifle or "triffle" as it's known in our sillier moments here at GBT is first mentioned in Thomas Dawson's "The Good Huswifes Jewell" [1585] [thank you dear Wikipedia]. Now I like a goodly portion of trifle and because I take cheaty shortcuts, this pud is a breeze to make! Patting myself on the back for having come up with what I believed to be an original recipe [a later Google search disproved this] this is my version of a citrus trifle.

Layer sponge fingers on the base of your chosen dish and soak in Limoncello or a citrusy liqueur [orange juice for the non alcoholic one]. I spread a tin of drained mandarin segments over the top and then made up a lemon jelly, but added the lemon juice from one of the skulking crew to lessen the sweetness [there was less cold water as I didn't want to alter the standard amount of liquid in the instructions] Pour the jelly over the sponge/fruit mix and leave to set. Now comes the tricky the carton of premade custard [or you can make your own, but I can't bear the texture of the firmer cold custard] and pour over the top. Finally whip a 300ml carton of cream [I used whipping but think I would use double next time as it went too sloppy when the other bits were added to it], add orange juice for taste [again this was from one of the other lurkers] and enough sieved icing sugar to sweeten but not too much [we used this as the perfect excuse to taste it]. Smear [or pipe if you are so inclined] across the top. Now there's no photo because I decided to sprinkle blue coloured sugar across the top and the food colouring ran in world record time. It might not have been pretty, but it tasted mighty fine!



  1. You had me right up to the blue sugar bit...good for Halloween maybe?! x

    1. I had a slightly rebellious silly five!


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