Friday 24 February 2017


[Image from pixabay]

I do so like that word "crabby" and other synonyms of a similar ilk....crotchety, cantankerous, testy, curmudgeonly, scratchy, waspish and a new one to me, peppery. Yes they all describe me at various points over the past few days!

Outwardly smiling but inwardly seething I, for one, am very grateful that truth bubbles do not appear next to my head because I think I might have got myself into a spot of bother as I stomped around the town thinking murderous and uncharitable thoughts about some of my fellow shoppers on Tuesday.

Realising just how big a grump I was in I decided to reward my bad behaviour [well nobody else was going to give me a treat were they!] with a bag of liquorice allsorts from the pick 'n' mix. Understanding the "crisis" I found myself in there was no time to faff about with an unopened bag....speed was of the essence....find a quiet corner away from prying eyes and dive straight would be surprised just how many I can stuff in my cavernous trap in a short space of time...hamsters with their cheek pouches stuffed full didn't come near it. Through this gluttonous process I have discovered that if there had ever been a world record for allsort speed eating I am exceedingly confident that I could break it hands down. Did it cheer me up...of course it bluddy well didn't.....a good night's sleep was the sensible, if slightly duller, solution.

So other than giving myself a sugar rush and then a self inflicted headache there is little else to report from life here at GBT as either the happenings have been of the real life sort which aren't to be shared with a wider audience or work related. I can finish though by revealing that the teenogre has now raised half of his fund raising target for Y Care International and he's off to Bangladesh for his voluntary placement.



  1. Oh, those look pretty, and I love licorice.

  2. Oh keep shovelling Aril! It's the biting down action that's mist satisfying...midget gems are rather good stress relievers too...x



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