Friday 3 February 2017

Not Raining On My Parade!

Plothering is a rather marvellous word for raining heavily which originates from the Midlands. It's certainly been doing that down here this last few hours. Actually I'm better tempered about proper rain not that drizzly stuff we had earlier in the week. That makes me a right old whinge bucket...especially if I have to go out in it.

Now one thing which gets my dander up is having to go into town after being at work when I'm tired and when basically I can't put things off any longer. As it is I have to lay my change of clothes out before I leave and not sit down when I get in other wise it's fatal. So it's a quick change and straight out of the door again....add a dash of fine rain and I'm just thrilled [see all my positive talk only takes me so far!!]. At least this week I took my camera in on a whim just in case I could be bovvered to drag my sorry backside into our local museum to see their latest free exhibition.

I'm grateful that I got over myself because it was a beautiful display of textiles both historical and modern set out side by side. I think a few shots will suffice with close ups of the details where it merited it.

This was the oldest item on display. For a while before I started my family I was a volunteer at the museum and part of my job was cataloguing garments as they came in. I can remember being able to see this man's Tudor nightcap [late 16th century] at close quarters in the archives. It is covered in the most exquisite gold and black embroidery and has survived in amazingly good condition.

From the notes next to this the missing sock is an age old problem. This 300 year old odd one is made from Irish linen.

Three Georgian waistcoats. I've since noticed the covered buttons when cropping the pictures.

Beaded Victorian watch pocket. Somewhere to store your timepiece overnight so you can't spill your bedtime cocoa over it!

Standing alongside these is the work of Iris Bishop. I spoke to Iris a few months ago and she has come from a background of multi media. If money was no object I would happily dress head to toe in her designs, but she rightly charges what she should for the work she puts in creating her masterpieces. Her work in full can be viewed here There was a great deal more of her work on show and she really is worth looking out for.



  1. I love the thought of a missing sock (although it is a common occurrance in our house ...) Off to check Iris Bishop now :)

    1. No missing socks here...just mountains of black ones in the same size. The two chaps apparently know which ones are theirs, so I sort out the ones I know and let them deal with the rest!


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